YKP LEAD & Recovering Nepal (Nepal)

Supporting young people and female drug users in Nepal during COVID-19

YKP LEAD is the national network of young key populations in Nepal and Recovering Nepal (RN) is the national federation of people who use drugs (PUD) and drug service organizations in Nepal. Both YKP LEAD and Recovering Nepal work primarily with young people and females who (inject) use drugs (FIDU). 

COVID-19 created many challenges in Nepal for street-based drug users and female drug users who rely on harm reduction and HIV services. Similarly, street-based drug users who generally work as manual labourers struggle to secure income for food due to nationwide lockdowns and restriction of movement. Bureaucratic processes in accessing funds remain a challenge for youth-led organisations working with street-based and FIDUs who require urgent support. 

With the support of Youth LEAD and the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, YKP LEAD in collaboration with RN aims to provide food supplies, harm reduction kits such as clean syringes and sanitary kits for street-based drug users and FIDUs. RN maintains good relationships with the government and was granted access and special passes for the transportation of goods and harm reduction packages during nationwide lockdowns. YKP LEAD and RN aim to support 45 YPUDs, including their families, with food supplies containing rice, lentils, oil, beans, salt, sugar, sanitisers, masks and gloves. Likewise, YKP LEAD and RN aim to support up to 50 FIDU’s including women with children and women living with partners who are living with HIV with food and essential supplies.

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