YKP LEAD & NAP+N (Nepal)

Assisting children and adolescents living with HIV during COVID-19 pandemic

The National Association of PLHIVs in Nepal (NAP+N) focuses on building the capacity of local PLHIV groups to respond appropriately to the needs of PLHIVs and its related key populations in the area of advocacy, prevention, care and support, counselling, raising community awareness, providing information and education and improving access to the healthcare and legal services. 

After COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic from WHO, Nepal has entered lockdown and registered 31 cases within the first month. The lockdown has hit hard the daily lives of the general public while the vulnerable population like PLHIV are facing the challenges for survival, including food shortages, access to sanitary materials, access to treatment and care.

During this emergency, NAP+N has been implementing Community and home-based care (CHBC) services to  10700 PLHIVs mobilising community-based organisations in about 65 districts. Through the distribution of menstrual hygiene packs across different regions of the country, NAP+N aims to provide MHM assistance to vulnerable children affected by AIDS (CABA) and adolescent girls to promote their menstruation during COVID-19 crisis. In addition, CABA also promoted and provided nutritional supplements to adolescent girls.

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