Ya_All (Manipur, India)

Supporting local Transgender businesses and providing mental health support to LGBTQ+ youth in the time of COVID-19

Ya_All is a registered youth-led LGBTQ+ organisation located in Manipur, India. Ya_All employs volunteers to help implement programmes on HIV and SRHR and provide safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only many small businesses in Manipur but have also left an impact on the transgender community who depend on income from these small establishments, such as salons and beauty parlours. Due to nationwide lockdowns, the government has used force to keep people at home, which has created fear and anxiety for many people, especially young people who now require mental health support. Also, government restrictions have left people unable to access essential medical centres and services due to fear of police brutality.

Through the support of the YKP COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, Ya_All was able to set up an initiative to distribute emergency supplies, which included first aid kits, sanitary pads and condoms to middle-class and low-income families across the state. In total, Ya_all was able to support approximately 500 families. Likewise, Ya_all also received support from the state government with transportation to make delivery of medical kits to families possible. Ya_All has placed efforts in providing mental health support, through a hotline service allowing young people to talk to mental health professionals on issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. Also, the organisation has provided financial assistance to trans people who are facing challenges with rent payments as well as daily expenses. 

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