Inti Muda (Indonesia)

Allowances to support young key populations in accessing essential healthcare and online counselling services

Inti Muda is the largest network of young key populations in Indonesia. The organisation is based in Jakarta but also works with smaller networks throughout the country. Inti Muda has over 100 members ages 14 - 30 from various key populations.

As a result of nationwide lockdowns across Indonesia due to COVID-19, young key populations have been affected in numerous ways, both by the physical constraints of limited movement and loss of daily income for young sex workers and young transgender women, which has let insufficient funds for everyday essentials.  Access to health services to undergo substitution or ARV therapy and contraception or hormonal medications have been impeded and, in some areas, complete stockouts of antiretroviral treatment have been experienced. 

With the support of the YKP Emergency Relief Fund, Inti Muda Indonesia has provided temporary assistance to young key populations in seven provinces (DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, South Sulawesi, North Sumatera, Bali and Papua) to provide essential items and services.  This included the provision of basic needs such as food, face masks and anti-bacterial soaps and an allowance for transportation costs, to facilitate access to health services and assist with medical expenses.  Also, Inti Muda has provided access to online psychological support services for young key populations in Indonesia. 

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